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"Winners always compare their own goals while losers compare their achievement with the failure of other people"

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- (Lord's words,Ephesians 5:8 - The Bible)

School Profile

A humble beginning on 5th April, 1971 with a few students, a couple of classrooms and a chapel housed in a small building. The institution was founded by Mr. G A Abraham and Mrs.Vasantha Abraham with a mission to impart quality education to the children of this region. Mr. GA Abraham an able administrator and a visionary, is a retired Indian Army Officer and Mrs. Vasantha Abraham a veteran teacher and an eminent educationalist.

Today, Sacred Heart School is a family of over 4000 students 210 staff members. The school is located in an lush green surroundings in the township of Moga in the Indian state of Punjab , is hardly 3 hours drive from the Read More...


Achieve excellence in education by moulding the students as responsible citizens through team work and continuing improvements set against strict quality standards.

Quality Objectives

  • To provide science and technology to upgrade the quality education.
  • To improve the infrastructure in accordance with the latest technology.
  • To establish students, teachers& parents counseling cell to provide better interaction, Communication and good customer relations.
  • To improve the result performance by every year.
  • To maintain overall house-keeping of the school in a better way to achieve the healthy, Environment status.
  • Numerous advanced teaching aids with Audio and Video equipments.
  • Medical checkup and follow up action.

Sacred Heart school Online Notice board

05/06/2016 -->  World  Environment  Day

08/06/2016  --> Martyrdom  of Shri Guru Arjun Dev ji

12/06/2016  --> World  Anti Child Labour Day

17/06/2016 -->  Father’s   Day

20/06/2016 -->  St.  Kabir Jayanti

26/06/2016  --> Anti-Drugs day

06/07/2016  --> Id-Ul-Fitr

11/07/2016 -->  World  Population Day

13/07/2016 -->  School  Re-Opens

16/07/2016 -->  Essay  Competition ( Punjabi)

18/07/2016  --> Speech  on Humility Sr.

19/07/2016 -->  Speech  on Peace

20/07/2016 -->  Quiz (5 Question) Jr.

21/07/2016  --> Speech  on Humility Jr.

23/07/2016  --> Quiz (5 Question) Jr.

25/07/2016 -->  Cycle Test  2 Begins

26/07/2016 To  30/07/2016 -->  Cycle Test 2

31/07/2016 -->  Martyrdom  of Shaheed Udam Singh